Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdans or the genius of a place

Dernière mise à jour : 11 juin 2018


1159 - the local church has such a record. There are also objects that remember the times of the Middle Ages. Located in the heart of the Pyrenees in French territory, just 12 kilometers from the Spanish border, it was once famous for its contraband. At every step you can see the attachment of people to the Catalan tradition. The oldest Catalan literature was famous for the knight sags so close to the ethos of the Poray coat of arms and the centuries-old history of the Zbierski family. It is for this tradition and for these phenomenal views that the artists creating the Gallery: Aleksandra Fontaine and Paweł Poray Zbierski decided to abandon the Paris and Gdansk still close to their hearts.

They also value the latest tradition of this House - along with the great achievements of the patron of our street, which is Jean Jaures.


Our gallery is located at the foot of the Holy Mountain of Catalonia, just a few dozen kilometers from the famous, beloved beaches: French Collioure and Spanish Cadaques. Every few seconds, depending on the light, nature provides millions of new, infinite experiences and landscapes that will take your breath away. A view of the mountains opens from the gallery's garden. The ears soothe the birds' singing and the murmur of the mountain stream flowing under our House. The surroundings are famous for beautiful caves carved in rocks and high mountains of brown bears that have been living here for centuries. The bear is surrounded by a special cult for successive generations of people living here and has a great holiday in Saint Laurent de Cerdans, bringing many thousands of people to this place every year. Not far from here, just 6 minutes from the Poray Gallery, there is one of the largest golf courses in the world Domaine de Falgos, and in Saint Laurent de Cerdan, the famous fabric factory Les Toiles Du Soleil. In the area you can also reliably heal in numerous thermals.


The works presented in the Poray Gallery are to be joined across the borders of various artists in the world. With the development of the Gallery, we are considering the organization of click-week residences of artists here for which crossing the borders - in different dimensions - is an important creative task.


   All our Fans and Friends of this place are the reason for the existence of Gallery Poray. Among these Friends is the governor of St-Laurent de Cerdans Monsieur Louis Caseilles and Professor Sławomir Witkowski, a painter and graphic artist from Poland who, without charging any fee, designed the logo of our Gallery, referring in its drawing to the historical coat of arms of the Zbierski family. A lot of selfless effort in preparing the Gallery was put by Joanna and Tomasz Zbierscy from Gdansk.

We invite all of you to visit our exhibitions and encourage you to purchase the works presented here.

Aleksandra Fontaine , Pawel Poray-Zbierski

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